Thursday, December 2, 2010

NOTD: OPI's Ali's Big Break (Burlesque Collection Holiday 2010)

Last night I painted my nails with OPI's Ali's Big Break. What a gorgeous, refreshing color!

Pardon the crap paint job - I painted my nails in an hour cause I really just wanted to see how quickly I could get it done - which was quite amazing actually. Thank you Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat for that!

The polish went on like a dream. So opaque - if I were really in a rush, I would have been satisfied with one coat. Yes, it was that good. My favorite thing about OPI nail polishes is the brush. It's a nice, wide brush which makes painting each nail faster and easier. Love it!

Overall I am very satisfied with this nail polish :) What do you think?


  1. I love this color :) you have any old colors you don't like anymore or are willing to let a good friend borrow some pretty color?? :P -Jo

  2. Hi Heather! This is such a beautiful red colour! I love OPI nail polishes!
    XOXO from a new follower,

  3. Jo - as soon as we have the same day off, we should do our nails together! :)

    Catanya - Hi there! I'm glad you love the color - it is definitely amazing :) XOXO back to you! Thank you so much for following - it means the world to me :)