Monday, November 29, 2010

New buy! MAC Glamour Check!

I love hearing what people's favorite eyeshadows are - I admit I am obsessed with finding new shadows to add to my growing collection. So when Tiffany (Youtube: MakeupbyTiffanyD) posted a new video on her favorite MAC eyeshadows, I HAD to watch it. Of course, like most people would, I immediately googled all the ones that I didn't have to find out how to get ahold of them (instead of going straight to MAC online).

I can't recall how, but some way I found out about - and they had Glamour Check available for $14 with free shipping. I jumped on that right away! I ordered them Nov. 25 a little after midnight, and it shipped the next day. And to my surprise it arrived in the mail today! Such amazingly fast shipping and great customer service.

Okay, now onto the photos! I tried my best to capture the shimmer in it, but these photos don't do it justice! It is SO pigmented!

I am far beyond excited to wear this to work today :) I love neutrals! :) Thank you so much for stopping in to ready this! :)


  1. @Nikki - SO gorgeous - all over the lid or in the crease :)

  2. Thx for the tip on the website!!! :D

  3. @Jody - absolutely! Hope you find some great deals and products :)