Friday, December 17, 2010

NOTD: Milani's Gems over OPI's Ski Teal We Drop

I am definitely in the Christmas spirit - I LOVE this season! And this year I am going all out on my nails as much as possible. So when I went to CVS a week or so ago, I picked up Milani's Gems polish. I heard that it's a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday polish. All I know is it's gorgeous - and as soon as my current polish started to chip and I had a free moment, I knew I had to use this polish!

I wanted to layer it over something, and chose OPI's Ski Teal We Drop. I don't know about you, but I think it works beautifully :) But still, tell me what you think!

Gems was fairly easy to apply - with one coat you could still see a bit of the color underneath. With one swipe of the brush it laid down a lot of the pieces. I had to keep dipping the brush back into the bottle to get more of the glitter since - and I hate this about the Milani polishes - the brush is SO thin. You do have to do a bit of placing the brush in the areas where it's lacking glitter, but they drop down easily and in large bunches - which I like a lot :) Overall, I would definitely use this polish again. Next time I'll probably just use it on it's own and layer it a few times. Love it!

What would you layer this over? Or would you wear it on it's own? Thank you so much for stopping in to read this! :)


  1. Gems looks gorgeous, I love all the different coloured glitters in it. I'm sure it would look amazing on its own, but I bet it would be a pain to remove! xx

  2. I agree - it looks gorgeous! The key to me getting my nail polish off easily (especially glitter polish) is a great base coat. The one I use is Nail Tek I Maintenance Plus. Whenever I want to take off my polish, I actually just peel it off - and this is what allows me to do it so easily! :) xx