Saturday, October 16, 2010

My first Sigma!

This past Monday I was on a mission to acquire some new makeup brushes. Miss TiffanyD was having her blog sale that night, so for some reason I thought I'd be able to get ahold of the brushes she was graciously selling at a discounted price. Long story short, since so many people just love Tiffany (as do I!), her blog sale went very well and I didn't even get one brush from the sale. Ah well, I still got 2 items I desperately wanted :) Those are in the mail so they should be here this week! Can't wait!

So since I missed out on those, I told myself that instead of waiting and saving up to buy the MAC brushes I wanted one by one, I would go ahead and jump on the Sigma train. I got the Premium Travel Kit in black, as well as the Angled Top Synthetic Kabuki (which is simply gorgeous!). It came with a free gift - the E25 (pretty much exactly like the MAC 217 brush).

Right after I played with them and inspected them, I immediately went to wash them so I can use them tomorrow morning! I've heard such great things about Sigma producs, especially their brushes, so I'm happy to finally own some :)

Do you own anything from Sigma makeup? If not, what's something you're dying to have? :) Thank you so much for stopping by to read my post!

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